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Overhead Cranes

Vigo Machine Bridge Cranes

Often referred to as “Bridge Cranes,” Overhead Cranes are widely used in industry. Cranes typically have a set of runways which the bridge will move on for linear travel; when combined with a moving hoist/trolley, this creates 3 motions (Bridge & Gantry). Other types use a fixed member to travel on creating 2 motions (Monorail) or an addition of radial movement (Jib). Applications for using an overhead crane can vary, commonly found in manufacturing where repeated transporting of heavy products, materials or equipment is needed across working areas. In some circumstances it is beneficial to offset the cost of rental equipment by installing an overhead crane.

Crane Types:

Structural Systems:

Vigo Machine Shop provides overhead crane services from design to finish ranging in sizes from a ½ ton jib crane to a 50 ton 70 foot span overhead crane. Custom built to your overhead lifting needs, Vigo Machine not only will engineer, build, and install your overhead lifting equipment. We maintain and sell parts for all of the cranes we build. We can work up a regular maintenance program if desired.


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