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About our Runway Systems

Customers who wish to install an overhead crane, whether through us or outside sources, require a runway for the bridge of the crane to travel on. The runway can be attached to existing building columns or by creating a free standing structure wherever you desire your work area to be. Runways consist of either a top running or under hung rail/beam; which sets up the desired span of the crane’s end-trucks or trolleys to travel along. Columns then set the height for the crane to run along and when considering aisle ways and bay lengths, Vigo Machine can accommodate any necessary requirements. Runways can be installed as is to the customers specifications or be custom designed to fit your building layout.

  • Wide range of capacities
  • Column spacing to fit drive through bay length
  • Be installed around existing equipment and obstructions
  • 4 bar electrification or festooning
  • C-track and trolley additions for processing equipment
  • Designed to accomodate future expansions
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