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About our Wheels

Vigo Machine Shop Inc. makes custom steel wheels for many industrial applications, all of which are specifically designed to meet our customers needs. Through our many steel vendors, we can order many different strength and alloy metals to be machined and or heat treated for the best in durable performance and productivity. Having experience designing our own wheels for crane and railcar application projects, we can give your company sound advice in customizing your order and meet specific manufacturing requests. Here are some examples of wheel designs as well as their use in industry today.

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Work Samples

Double flanged wheels

For the best in safety, double flange wheels are the most ideal. By its geometric design, this style of wheel can run on irregularly shaped rails and increase the life expectancy of both flanges. Double-flange wheels are commonly found in industrial applications where heavy, high-impact or uneven loading is expected.

Single flanged wheels

Single flange wheels are best used in heavy-duty industrial rail carts, or “shop carts”. Wheels can be specifically designed for both driven and idler sets of wheels and can be machined to meet desired rail’s dimensions.