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Zevacor Molecular: Noblesville, IN > Jib Cranes

About our Jib Cranes
With this project, we designed and fabricated (2) Jib cranes, installed 25ft. above work area. Our Jib cranes were designed to fit within our customers desired lift requirement, while giving them the access they needed at both elevations. Fabricated with a motorized swing in 180 degrees, in addition to a powered trolley, these Jibs became ideal material handling tools.

Capacity: 2 US Tons
Hoist: 2ton Shawbox/ World Series with motorized trolley and 36ft. lift.
Drives: (1) Direct drive, 480v, 3 phase, 60 hertz electric hollow bore gear motors, with heavy duty disc brake, creating 180 degrees of swing, infinitely variable with Magnetek brand VFD motor control.
Controls: Features a 2 speed remote control, with a transmitter, which takes advantage of the VFD motor control; providing easy, smooth variable speed throughout the full range. Main control panel with disconnect included. Push-buttons for forward/reverse, up/down, and right/left swing (3 motions of travel.


Fast Facts

  • Zevacor Molecular
  • Located in Noblesville, IN
  • Installed in 2015
  • 2ton Capacity
  • 3 Motions of travel